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California-Specific Legislation (PROPOSED)

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AB 20 Strengthening Family Connections for Adopted Children

Status: Awaiting Governor’s signature

Many children and young adults adopted through the child welfare system report that maintaining a connection to their biological family and community is critical to their well-being. This bill would strengthen family connections for adoptees when appropriate by promoting ongoing contact between siblings and allowing parental rights to be reinstated for children and nonminor dependents in foster care after an adoption has failed


AB 448 Promoting Family Connections for Youth in Foster Care

STATUS: Awaiting Governor’s signature

Research shows that children in the foster care system who are placed with relatives have greater placement and school stability, fewer emotional and behavioral problems in placement, and more connections to their biological family and social-cultural communities.  This bill would strengthen existing requirements around social workers and/or probation officers’ documentation of family finding efforts.


AB 866 Preventing Food Insecurity for Transition Age Youth

Status: Two-year bill

Transition age youth in foster care are among the most vulnerable populations in California. Through no fault of their own, these youth are often faced with a multitude of difficulties, including hunger and insufficient healthy food. This bill would allow CalFresh benefits to be provided at the maximum amount to non-minor dependents (NMDs) in Supervised Independent Living Placements (SILPs) regardless of income or resources, including NMDs who are custodial parents.


US Legislation (PROPOSED)

Support these pieces of legislation? Let your house representative and senator know!


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